Paul Moravec’s Chamber Symphony an Opportunity for Performers and Audiences

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“Paul Moravec’s Chamber Symphony has a fresh, modern sound and sophisticated pacing.”

As the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s February 16 concert approaches, Richard McKay — the ensemble’s artistic director –- reflects on programming Moravec’s work for the performance.

As any artistic director will say, it takes time and planning to find the right music to create an interesting and engaging concert. McKay concurs. “I first discovered Paul’s repertoire as it was listed in Dirk Meyer’s reference Chamber Orchestra and Ensemble Repertoire: A Catalog of Modern Music. I emailed Paul directly to ask about the chamber version of his Northern Lights Electric. He told me he had withdrawn that version and re-orchestrated it for full orchestra. Since it was no longer available, Paul suggested I look at some of his other smaller works, at which time I discovered the Chamber Symphony.

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