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Peter Simek of D Magazine writes about the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s new concerts to silent film and Artistic Director Richard McKay’s vision for a professional chamber orchestra in Dallas.

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DMagSimek writes:

In the classic 1920 silent horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, two hikers stumble upon a mysterious carnival sideshow act. Dr. Caligari shows off his somnambulist, a zombie-like character whom he controls through hypnosis. At night, the mad doctor uses his slave to commit murders, and by the story’s end, one of the hikers is committed to an insane asylum.

On February 26th, the film will be screened at Dallas City Performance Hall, but just as with Caligari’s sideshow, it’s the action behind the scenes that makes the event fascinating. Accompanying the movie will be a new score written for strings by Austin-based composer Brian Satterwhite, and the ensemble performing the piece will be the city’s newest classical group, the Dallas Chamber Symphony. A 30-year-old Plano-born conductor named Richard McKay will hold the baton.

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