DCS Unveils New App for Apple Devices

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Leading the way in educational outreach through innovative programs and technology, the Dallas Chamber Symphony launches a free App for all Apple iOS devices, bringing an array of exciting and interactive digital content to audiences. The Dallas Chamber Symphony Digital Program app is unique amongst those provided by orchestras, as it works entirely through Apple’s Newsstand platform, providing readers with pre-concert program notes, audio clips, biographies of composers, and more, weeks before the corresponding Dallas Chamber Symphony event. The DCS is the first local orchestra to provide this kind of digital content to its audience and the Metroplex-at-large.

“It’s a great way to connect with the community,” says Richard McKay, Dallas Chamber Symphony Artistic Director. “Whether you’re a student at a local school, a teacher in need of arts education support or simply a music lover, we’re providing a new way to engage with our music and programs before you even set foot in the symphony hall.”

While the new App is not intended to replace the traditional printed program book, it can provide a new window into the operations of a professional orchestra. It will serve as a platform where patrons can learn all about music – and Dallas Chamber Symphony programs – well in advance of concerts. Because the Dallas Chamber Symphony Program Book app is designed for Apple’s Newsstand platform, readers can read new editions, browse archives, purchase tickets, get directions, and share content through social media—all without leaving the application. “The technology available today allows us to reach more people than ever before—we are committed to using every possible means to cultivate music appreciation, and this new app is a great way to do that” adds McKay.

Corporate and organizational sponsors are delighted by the extended market exposure and shelf life that digital program books provide. As each edition is browsed, shared, and archived over the course of weeks (rather than days), DCS digital publications provide a sponsor’s message increased longevity and customer impressions than afforded by the traditional printed page. In addition, readers do not have to be ticket holders to access the app and its content. This broad accessibility is also appealing to sponsors.

The new app is available now. Periodic publications begin in earnest in February, with the release of the new, Digital Program Book in advance of the February 26th performance of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

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DCS digital publications will soon be available on Android & Kindle.


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