A conversation about the DCS’s upcoming concerts with new music for classic movies

“Making New Music For A Classic Silent Film” writes Barbara Vance for Art & Seek.

In a piece about the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s upcoming concerts with film, Barbara Vance writes:

“What started out as my interest in a silent-film event in Dallas turned into an intriguing conversation with Dallas Chamber Symphony Conductor Richard McKay about the Dallas Arts District,  movies and creating an entirely new symphony orchestra.”

“For those unfamiliar with him, Harold Lloyd was one of the great silent film comedians of the 1920s—better, I think, than either Chaplin or Keaton. The plucky actor with his signature glasses and a reputation for performing most of his own stunts (despite missing two fingers that were blown off when a bomb mistaken as a prop blew up in his hand) had a knack for devising stories that were both funny and charming.”

“This humor and charm are on display full force in Sailor-Made Manin which an idle playboy who joins the Navy in an effort to prove himself to the father of the girl he loves.  It is the definitive fish-out-of-water story as spoiled Harold proceeds through recruitment, adjusts to military life, and finds himself ashore in Khairpura-Bhandanna.”

“With as many new things as will be happening Tuesday night, it will be hard to decide where to focus—the film, the score, or the behind-the-scenes experience of just how musicians do what they do.” ~ Barbara Vance, Art & Seek

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Join us next time, February 26, 2013 @ 7:30pm – Dallas City Performance Hall

For more information about the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s next concertvisit www.DallasChamberSymphony.org. Tickets are available starting at $24 ($15 for students), and may be purchased online, at the door, or by phone at (214) 880-0202.

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