A behind-the-scenes look at the Dallas Chamber Symphony

“Behind the Music: Dallas’ new Chamber Symphony” writes Barbara Vance of Art & Seek.

In Part Two of her series on the DCS, Barbara Vance of Art & Seek writes about the emergence of a new chamber orchestra in Dallas and its mission. To read Part One, click here.

Following up on a piece about November’s program featuring Harold Lloyd’s silent film, A Sailor-Made Man, she explores motivations behind the formation of Dallas’ new chamber orchestra, and how the DCS provides something unique to local audiences:

“…because music selections are dictated by the size of the orchestra, reputable compositions comprised of fewer instruments are not always played by large symphonies, which more often opt instead for pieces that maximize the use of every violin, oboe, and clarinet.  Chamber ensembles thus become one of the few opportunities to perform more intimate arrangements.  “We give people a chance to experience music they might not otherwise hear,” said McKay.”

“Furthermore, music has the potential to be what McKay calls “more transparent” when performed by a smaller group. Because there are fewer instruments, each is heard more distinctly, allowing audiences to appreciate individual musicians more and giving performers the opportunity to take even more ownership over their performances.”

“Listening to him talk, it became increasingly clear that one of McKay’s underlying goals is to build a cohesive music community—one that fits the needs of both audiences and performers.  His purpose seems grounded in a sense of responsibility not only to perform great concerts, but also to develop musicians.”

“For anyone wondering whether Dallas could use a new symphony, I should say so.  We need not only more avenues for the arts, but more people like Richard McKay who possess not only a sense of responsibility to the city’s artistic community, but also the energy, creativity and the drive to strengthen it.” ~Barbara Vance, Art & Seek

To read the full article, click here.

Join us next time, February 26, 2013 @ 7:30pm – Dallas City Performance Hall

For more information about the Dallas Chamber Symphony’s next concert on February 26, 2013, 7:30pm at City Performance Hall, featuring The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, visit www.DallasChamberSymphony.org. Tickets are available starting at $24 ($15 for students), and may be purchased online, at the door, or by phone at (214) 880-0202.

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